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Welcome to FAKE or FACT with Doctor Ugo, the quiz show where you get to help tackle medical misinformation and increase public awareness of important health concepts … all in a fun and relaxed format.

The need to make sure we have an educated and informed public has never been more important than it has since March 2020! With the confusion regarding viruses, masks and vaccines, we want to take a proactive approach towards having a public that is aware and empowered with facts! We appreciate your willingness to help in this regard too.

Doctor Ugo, your host, is a Harvard trained, NYC-based gastroenterologist and public health expert featured on Good Morning America and NBC. He is a medical editor for SELF magazine (viewership: 20M/month, bio link). He is a contributor both to Science Insider’s Debunked series (subscribers: 2.14M, episode link) and WIRED magazine’s Tech Support series (subscribers: 9.13M, – episode link )

Game Format

  • While the questions are typically FAQ questions in the field of digestive health and wellness, Doctor Ugo will announce the exact sub-topic on the day of filming!
    No worries – the goal is to get honest, and sometimes humorous, responses from you on the topic and questions!
  • There will be a total of 7 questions (four “1 point” and three “2 points”) for a total possible score of 10 pts.
  • The questions will be posed as statements.
    Example: “Fake or Fact? Low-fat late night snacks will not increase the likelihood of acid reflux symptoms like heartburn.
  • You will raise either the FAKE or FACT sign to signal your choice, and Doctor Ugo will engage in a conversation to cover all the important factual bases!
    Example: “Fake! Any meal consumed within 4 hours of bedtime can increase risk of acid reflux.

Next Steps

1. Choose a time block for filming (via Zoom). Estimated time: 20-30 mins.

2. Zoom link will be provided in a confirmation email.

3. Print out the signs. Color print is best.

4. You’ll receive a reminder email 24 hrs in advance.