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Welcome to WIRED’s Guts Support!

Dr. Ugo Iroku answers the internet’s burning questions about digestion and bowel movements. If your poop is black, are you dying? My does coffee make you poop? Is everyone lactose intolerant? Dr. Iroku answers all these questions and much more!




INSIDER’s Debunked Series: 13 Myths about Caffeine

Dr. Ugo Iroku and Dr. Sophie Balzora debunk 13 myths about caffeine. They explain what decaf really means, how much caffeine is too much, and if caffeine affects your heart. They also talk about whether caffeine is good for you — plus ways it can actually be beneficial to your health.




APR 20(Tues) 7pm EST 

Dr. Ugo will be discussing pre-Cancerous Polyps and Early Onset Colorectal Cancer.  This is a timely must-view webinar!

 He will cover…

  1. What are the types of pre-cancerous colon polyps and how can they be detected and removed?
  2. What should I know about the increasing risk of colorectal cancer in the younger population (under 50)?
  3. How do I know when I should start my screening for colorectal cancer and how frequently should I have this performed?
  4. What diet and lifestyle choices have been proven to decrease my risk for colorectal cancer?
  5. What are the symptoms of colorectal cancer and how can I distinguish these from more benign causes of stomach discomfort?



episode 13:

covid-19 vaccine – should i get it or not???

Team Audience gets a great score on the board while we review the latest on the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines!  No hype and no myths!  Let’s learn the facts as we decide our next steps in 2021.

Time Markers: (0:42-how tested is it?; 5:50-mRNA, safe or nah?; 11:48-will it change my genetic code?; 15:38-vaccine nanoparticles???; 18:20-FUBU vaccines; 28:53-it starts working when?; 32:20-after vaccine immunity; 35:50-stop wearing mask?; 41:02-what is herd immunity; 43:32-Sweden’s experience and our road to normalcy!) 


fall 2020: thanksgiving day & vaccines on the way

Ashley Holt of NBCLX interviews Dr. Ugo about the new COVID-19 vaccines and best-practices for celebrating Thanksgiving Day in a pandemic.

fake or fact?! with dr. ugo

episode 11: faqs on how to lifehack a safe thanksgiving

Team Audience blows this episode out of the water scoring a 9 out of 10 on the facts and science behind the CDC’s current recommendations against Thanksgiving travel, and the instructions of what to do if you do it anyway!

Ready for thanksgiving?  what goes on, and wrong, during the stages of digestion in your body

Dr. Ugo reviews the six stages of digestion in the body and how these steps can be challenged over this holiday season!  Tips and tricks for managing these, and proactively pursuing a healthy gut are discussed.

President Donald J. Trump develops covid-19

Ashley Holt of NBCLX interviews Dr. Ugo and USA Today White House correspondent David Jackson about the health and political implications of President Trump’s new diagnosis. 

Always Gassy? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You About Your Gut Health

Dr. Ugo reviews the reasons some of us can get so bloated and gassy!  When is it healthy, what you can do about it and when it is important to give the doctor a call.  Please read this article for “a friend.”

Ally Interview: Dr. Ugo Iroku on Hospital Safety during COVID-19

Many people in the colorectal cancer community are worried about visiting hospitals and clinics for screening, treatment, and check-ups because of COVID-19. In this Ally Interview, we ask Dr. Ugo Iroku—who is based in New York City—whether allies should feel safe at the hospital … and a lot more.

What to know about your kid’s school during the pandemic

Across the country many families are making the decisions whether or not to send their children back to school. In this Interview, Dr. Ugo Iroku, a New York City physician and public health expert, discusses what questions parents can ask their children’s schools to ensure a safe experience.

rolling out am wake up call – morning show

Munson Steed and the morning crew interview Dr. Ugo about everything the Black community can do to stay healthy, even in the middle of a pandemic! 

Public Health Experts covid-19 vaccine readiness nationwide

Dr. Ugo Iroku answers questions regarding the readiness for novel coronavirus vaccine development and nationwide distribution

Public Health Expert Discusses Link Between Vaping and Coronavirus

Dr. Ugo speaks to Bob DeCastro about the new research involving vaping and its increased risks for coronavirus, even among children.

no, you do *not* get the flu every time you get a flu shot, and other flu vaccine myths!

Dr. Ugo and other public health experts set the facts straight on the flu, the flu vaccines and all the myths surrounding this important topic!

the karen hunter show

Karen Hunter interviews Dr. Ugo about healthy diets and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your phone can wait: Top reasons why bathroom phone time is bad for the bottom line

Dr. Ugo offers explanations to writer Molly Triffin on the downsides of doubling toilet time as phone time.

health screening to detect and prevent colon cancer

Cassidy Sparks interviews Dr. Ugo on healthy practices including what symptoms should lead you towards getting over your fear of the C-word, colonoscopy!

so what’s the latest with covid-19???

Dr. Ugo speaks to the mother-daughter power duo, Bianca Banks and Jasmine, in this cross-generational show, about coronavirus updates in a fun conversation spanning topics of national hotspots, COVID-19 in the schools, vaccine development and much more!  Airing Tuesday 8/18/20 (7pm EST / 4pm PDT) and Thursday 8/20/20 (10pm EST / 7pm PDT) 

Welcome to Rolling Out’s Health IQ on Men’s Health!

Featured panelists include Dr. Ugo (physician / public health expert) ; Dr. Janet Taylor, Community Psychiatrist; and Kevin Dedner, Founder & CEO of Henry Health;